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Slay Kid

Update Log #1 (Additions & Patch notes)

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Hello Tanoth Players,

First off I'd like to thank everyone for playing Tanoth. There's some slight issues that have popped up, and we are fixing it.

Other than that, the release has been pretty good. Thank you a lot!

Here are all the updates for this week;


- Level 99 announcements now also tell you which game mode the player chosen

  • 0492f934733fb04d489d954a491608ab.png

- Players are now able to choose between 2 new game modes, Legend & Elite

  • c629e95b5030b0bb215a8a238b4c5c34.png

- Bank presets were added, Skilling has never been easier!

  • 286f66fff0eb198e22c9d76012c6148d.png

- New MiniGame: Wilderness Throne, claim the throne to be the king of the wilderness, you can also set taxes to gain some skilling resources & coin caskets (::throne)

  • 53897ce736c689f7ab306e4835ef640f.png

- PvP HotSpots, killing players here results in doubled wilderness points

- Decreased amount of Player-vs-Player Bots at Home area to reduce clutter

  • Player-vs-Player Bots now have their own names.
  • You can no longer increase your killcount while killing Player-vs-Player Bots
  • You can no longer get 'killstreak' helmets

- You can now craft slayer helmets
- You can now create jewellery
- You can now create an dragonfire shield
- You can now create cannonballs
- You can now imbue rings
- You can now create an dragon sq shield
- You can now create an abyssal whip(vine)
- You can now assemble godsword shards
- You can now create blessed spirit shields
- You can now create spirit shields

+Patch notes

- Guards & Men's pickpocketing systems now function correctly
- Thieving Stalls now have a quicker respawn timer
- Slayer Gem now displays correct Slayer Master Dialogue
- Slayer Gem right-click options now function correctly
- Dicing has been disabled (for now)
- Voting and Donation Rewards systems put in place and function
- Herblore Shop 1 has been revised
- Corrected some things with the ::Yell system
- Coin Casket rewards have been slightly reduced
- Noted Dragon Bones have been removed from the Crystal Chest rewards
- Grand Exchange messages and update texts should be more accurate
- The Prayer Skill EXP has been significantly reduced
- Brackish Blade has been added to the grand exchange
- The Ammo shop at home now has Ava's Accumulator's in stock
- Achievement store is now using the correct currency
- Players online inside information tab is now displaying the correct online players
- Fixed an message saying you can't kill this slayer monster
- You can now fully equip witchdoctor pieces
- Aberrant spectres now count towards your slayer task
- Teleporting to frost dragons will now teleport you in the right place
- Wilderness artifacts now gives you the right amount of cash
- The miniquest 'the robbery' is now working correctly!
- Special Attack Energy is now fully operating again
- You can now do the clue scrolls where you have to dance
- Prayer draining has been adjusted to be more realistic
- You are now able to bury wolf bones
- Spinach rolls are now edible
- Herblore potion making is now working correctly
- You can now buy phoenix feathers from herblore shop 2
- The wilderness ditch achievement has been removed
- The voting achievement has been removed
- Ring of Wealth has been removed from the jewellery shop
- Rare drops will now announce in the world feed
- You can now throw all the chinchompa's
- You can no longer thieve dragon scimitar from the scimitar stall at home
- Unlisted hand cannon from unlimited items
- Leather crafting is now working correctly

  • You can now craft normal leather armour
  • You can now craft hard leather armour
  • You can now craft snakeskin armour

- Corrected the amount of the easy bork achievement
- Run energy is now operating normally again
- Moved the bookcase for Helpless Lawgof, You can find it inside a building near Falador Party Room
- Dwarf cannon XP Rates has been altered to the correct amount
- Charming imp is now fully operating again
- You will now be able to grind mud runes with an pestle and mortar

+Donator Benefit Additions

- Donators will now receive extra wilderness points, Regular: +350 | Super: +550 | Legendary: +750 | Ultimate: +1000
- Donators will now receive an % extra chance for coin caskets, Regular: +5% | Super: +10% | Legendary: +15% | Ultimate: +25%
- Super donator+ will now have access to the command ::bank
- Donators will now receive a small percentage extra droprate, Regular: +0,4% | Super: +0.8% | Legendary: +1% | Ultimate: +1.5%

*Suggestions are welcome for more benefits*


Tanoth Staff Team




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