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Slay Kid

Blood Fountain & Blood Coins

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Hello Tanoth Players,

A few years ago, i came up with the idea of having a blood fountain and blood coins being added to my old server.

The concept is very basic, but i think also very cool.

Basicly what this update will do is having a whole new currency & a whole new PK Experience.

You have to kill players for blood coins wich you then can spent in the fountain for rewards.

My rewards were mostly OSRS items, But i think we can come up with something new, something different.

So how will this effect the economy and how will this be ''worth'' going for?

Well, i was thinking about adding PK Pets, for example:

  • -Red monkey/dragon/octo (remove them for killing players) + reset if update happens(maybe buff them a lil bit).
  • -A pet wich gives you 25% chance of getting triple loot.
  • -A pet that can smite the opponent with 3% chance.
  • -A pet that will automatically use overloads when it run out.
  • -A pet that functions as a ring of life with 5% chance of keeping your items.

Can't think of anymore atm. post below what you think.

Anyways, moving on the blood coins.

How much will you gain ea kill?

Personally i was thinking about having 500-3000k coins ea kill, this will be completely random.

I think this will revive edgeville a bit and also gives people an incentive to pk, and maybe making it a bit more fun.

About expanding this content..

Well as some of you know, we had blood shards.

A currency that will be given to you if you shatter an item(for example: Upgraded pieces). This will give you Blood Shards and can be converted to blood coins or getting used in a new shop.

The shop for blood shards and what items there should be in.. no idea yet.

But maybe of you guys can think of something cool!

How will it look?:

-The Fountain


-The Currency:


I really hope you guys like this idea!.

Thanks for reading, And let me know what you think about this!

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I like this idea, here's my spin on it, which really only changes things about the Pets. You get blood coins for killing players, and they can be spent in the blood fountain, I think that's a cool idea. 

The Pets, they sounds cool too. As-long as you can't take something like a Pak-yak AND your Blood Pet. Here's my idea for the Blood Shard:

Since pets are all RNG and rare, make it so a Blood Shard is a rare PvP drop and can be used to either Upgrade OR to purchase a Blood Pet.


Blood Money and Shards

Blood money - The Higher the Wilderness level, the more Blood money per kill. *Wilderness Hot spots where kills are worth more blood money per kill*

Hot Spots - Edge, Revs, East Dragons, Mage Bank, Bandit Camp, Edge Multi.

Blood Shards - Rare PvP Drops, the Higher the Wilderness level the better chance of loot. Also use Hot spots for higher drop rates on shards



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try to keep the pets to purely qol or bonuses to pvm. for example the 3 percent chance to smite someone imo is too much in a 667

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