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  1. - Brawling gloves (loyalty shop) back button doesn't work. You have to x-out as it gets stuck - Opening interface during agility obstacle (log) will get you stuck midway (can teleport out) - Skill icons keep flashing even after opening them - Swing rope requires you to manually walk to the last square before the jump before it permits you to do it (barbarian outpost, straight angle) - log walk slows down at barbarian outpost (animation speed is off) - experience for stepping stones (wilderness) are given before the animation even starts - Rope swing wilderness course requires you to click twice and animation goes sideways (walks 1 square west, jumps sideways) - Quest log has several "coming soon", clean it up - final slope animation on wilderness course makes character disappear or climb way too early - you have to follow the animation coming into wilderness course, but you can run out - wolf attack animation is missing - Tanoth points are not displayed in the tanoth point shop (28k in info tab, points shop says 0) => you need to take points out of bank to purchase stuff - Board animation on adv gnome can make character glitch back (mutliclicking) - Pole animation forces character to the edge, run in that location and then follow the correct flow animation - Agility points are 100% random, there's no reason to stay at a course - lapcounter is per location (gnome basic and advanced are counted into 1) - Gnome advanced course is worse experience then wilderness (lap bonus 46k vs 187k exp) - skeletons at wilderness course should be agressive to anyone - rope swing wilderness course gives double experience - attack animation of enhanced ice titan is missing (and hits are very inconsistant vs level 3) - entering your house without talking to estate agent just forces the loading screen to house and you're helpless) - Teleport sound is still active, even when muting all sounds - "You successfully thieve from the stall" is ignored by the game filter - Cannot scroll through multiple leather armour options (only boots, gloves vambraces show) - Cannot PM on resizable (read or send messages) - Crystal chest gives dragonhide when you need dragon leather for crafting - After getting multiple skills 99, you can still purchase an untrimmed skillcape - Burying bones gives more exp than using them on the altar - Looking up "Torva" in Grand Exchange and hovering over the items black screens you - You should not be able to crush gems from sapphire and higher, but it still does

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