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  1. Priority fixes/updates before launch Combine achievement system (so that comp just requires completing easy -> elite tasks) Slayer task conversation bug (says no NPC of this level every time you get a task) Void and elite void bug (can't be equipped) Clean up useless NPC's at home (and home hunter area) Clean up useless teleports in teleport system Single wave Jad Add drops to bork/chaos ele Remove fire cape from PKP store and add tokkar kal cape instead Achievement store Remove nulled/non-working items from vote store Fix TD def
  2. There are currently three game modes on Tannoth. They are the following: Easy Combat Exp Rate: x300 Skilling Exp Rate: x100 Drop Bonus: 1.0% Normal Combat Exp Rate: x200 Skilling Exp Rate: x50 Drop Bonus: 2.750% Hard Combat Exp Rate: x100 Skilling Exp Rate: x25 Drop Bonus: 3.750%
  3. Fix/confirm ROW is working/has drop bonus - ideally add bonus to current drop bonus view on equipment tab Fix GE global chat notifications when items are put up for sale KQ can be hit through protection prayers No teleport for law rune alter Cant accept duels in DA Review/publish drop rates for all bosses/major NPCS... Specially need to check Bork, chaos ele, wildy worm, KQ. Based on testing so far drop rates in general feel off, so it might be worth checking through all the bosses.
  4. Here is a list of known bugs. I've broken it down into fixes that should happen before release vs after. There are more details, and visuals in the previous threads that I have posted, but if you have questions about what I mean please let me know. As of the time of this post - these are all still active bugs. Fix before release Can’t get into Kalphite Queen Slayer get task conversation interface is bugged Teletab shop is broken (can't be clicked) Teleport sounds can’t be turned off Jad Hitting auto-setup on login screen causes client to close Nomad - fix or disable Clue scrolls Remove museum guards at home Warriors guild still occasionally bugged (uses all tokens at once) Void cannot be worn Making super range pots (can't make unless there is one extra space in inv) Bandos minions don’t spawn Searching for Torva in GE causes client to crash Slayer points rate needs to be adjusted (ideally x5 or x10) Dragon imps can't be caught Add god capes to magic store Claiming kill streak helmets (always get the 10ks helm) Barrows and degraded PvP armor is kept on death in wild Summoning exp table Tormented demons still have crazy high defense "Search" and "remove x" interfaces stay open if you accidentally click, and then close your bank. Need to hit enter in order to close interface. Mining level for crash star is bugged Mith drags animation is broken Donor zone ores disappear when mined Dragon bones in wild shop can’t be bought Several items in vote shop don't work/are useless Fix anytime If you are unable to complete a task because you don't have the required skill - there is no message saying "you require level X..." Death interface doesn't work (the first round, gravestones work) Cant enter others POH Grandpa Jack and Elof NPC's dont work in hunter area Extremes and Ovl’s can’t be noted Loyalty points store displays the incorrect value if you don't have enough points to buy something Wildy obelisk visual effect is gone DFS visual spec Bank "swap vs insert button" for organizing doesn't work Remove from GE Pyre Logs - (don’t work) Dragon full helm (or) and dragon sq (or) kits Elegant legs (tops are not) Godsword shards

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