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  1. add royal cannon ( able to have 90 cannon ball instead of 30) add doom tower add qbd add ganodermic add monster's to slayer master ( make the task bigger and harder depending on the task tier (easy /med/hard/elite) remove bosses from elite slayer task make fight caves last 14 waves or so fix drops mecaninc (probly needs more testing dont realy know how it works rn but its broken) fix death at corp ( rn it like if you killed your self in wildy) got any question pm me ingame or on discord. ~ding
  2. make it so you can make overload whit 4 dose extrm pot. make it so it can decant pots to defrent dose ( make 4 dose into 3/2/1 dose ...
  3. since you need kc for boss slayer task (elite slayer task) you should give the option to make the task bigger. cause i just feel like it useless to kill 30 nubs to kill 10-15 bandos and then getting a new task kill 30 nubs again and kill another 10 -15 giving us the option to make the task 10-100 would be nice.
  4. after you killed a animated armour set somtimes you dont get all the peaces of armor back. lost 2 rune body and 1 leg in about 1k points. and point go down 5 per second when you in the cyclops room

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