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  1. Regular Donator - $10 USD +350 Wilderness points per PvP kill +5% Extra drop rate for Coin Caskets +0.4% Drop rate increase Reduced God Wars Dungeon killcount down to 20 KC Super Donator - $25 USD +550 Wilderness points per PvP kill +10% Extra drop rate for Coin Caskets +0.8% Drop rate increase Reduced God Wars Dungeon killcount down to 15 KC Ability to use ::bank command Legendary Donator - $50 USD +750 Wilderness points per PvP kill +15% Extra drop rate for Coin Caskets +1% Drop rate increase Reduced God Wars Dungeon killcount down to 8 KC Ability to use ::bank command Ultimate Donator - $85 USD +1,000 Wilderness points per PvP kill +25% Extra drop rate for Coin Caskets +1.5% Drop rate increase Reduced God Wars Dungeon killcount down to 0 KC Ability to use the ::bank command
  2. 100M GP Giveaway First of all, Thank You all for playing and supporting Tanoth! I wanted to show my thanks by hosting a 100M Giveaway, and it's very simple! Here's how you can win: Post your introduction here https://www.tanothps.com/community/index.php?/forum/18-introduction/ Ensure you include your Discord username in your Introduction post Ensure you are apart of the Tanoth discord (If not, another winner will be selected.) I will use a RNG to see which post won, with my post being #1, and all others after following. Winner will be selected on April, 10th. Time is undecided.
  3. Hello all! As many have requested, we have implemented a big change into Tanoth 667 to provide more PvP friendly functions. There is now a PvP Game Mode that will allow you to set your combat stats and provides a 150x Skilling EXP rate along with a 0.5% Drop Rate boost. There is now the ::gear command, allowing you to choose from one of many pre-set free loadouts to provide a quicker and simpler way to get into the action! [MEDIA]
  4. This is a list of all of the current Suggestions posted on the Forums under the 'Suggestions' sub-category. I have went through, and replied to each thread and am adding suggestions I think would benefit the server. Any I have not added feel free to post them in the Suggestions sub-category and I will get to them. - Drop Mechanics rework, more resources, more charms, ensure drop rates are accurate. - @IRON DING - Shooting Stars take too long to mine, even with 3 people. Could you lower the lifespan a bit so we can complete them? - Dbcrazy - Evil Tree's seem to regenerate their health when you kill them, can we only have one life? Takes too long to kill the tree. - Dbcrazy - Forum Post / In-game drop viewer for Donator Chests + Crystal Chest? - @Above This - Add Boss Counters for Bosses like GWD - @Anti-Social - Remove Boss Monsters from Elite Slayer tasks - @IRON DING - Creating potions should allow you to use (4) dose ingredients to make (4) dose potions, like Overloads - @IRON DING - When in PvP, switching items seems to have a bad delay, especially Gmaul spec - @Anti-social - Add more Monsters to regular Slayer Tasks, and increase quantity of kills - @IRON DING - Allow the option for more Bosses to be assigned for Boss Slayer Tasks (Perhaps a perk you unlock with boss points?) - @IRON DING - The Royal Cannon, able to hold 90 CBalls instead of 30 - @IRON DING - Farming Leprechaun being able to note herbs & logs at Farming patches - Dbcrazy - When stacked NPC's drop charms, they drop them separately making a big long right click list of drops. When they drop can you have them all stack on the ground? - Dbcrazy - Shorten Fight Caves - @IRON DING - Donators should receive more Credits per NPC kill, scaling with Donator Status - @Stephen - Reduce cost of Charming Imp, or put in a different store. Too grindy - @Stephen - Add Rune Pouch to hold runes - @Stephen - Add more items to Equipment / Weapon shops, New players don't know to use GE - @Stephen - Dominion Tower Mini-game - @IRON DING - Ganodermic beasts / Polypore Dungeon - @IRON DING - Queen Black Dragon Boss - @IRON DING - A pet with the ability to open/bank Caskets when they are dropped - @Stephen - 32 Fight Cave wave for Fire Cape, 63 for Tokhaar-kal? - @Stephen - GEM Mining for Ironman accounts @Iron Love
  5. Yo! What's up, my name is Nate, or in-game as Dbcrazy. I'm the Server Manager, and I spend a ton of time in game playing on my Elite account Dbcrazy. I have played RuneScape and RSPS for over 10 years now, and have a great understanding of how they work. If there's ever anything I can do to help, PM me here, in-game or on Discord at Dbcrazy#5454
  6. Added these to the official Suggestion list, check it out:
  7. Added to the Official Suggestion list, check it out:
  8. Added this to the Official Suggestion list, check it out:
  9. Added to the suggestion list, check it out here:
  10. Updated. Pm me here or on Discord, or post your suggestions.
  11. I think he got most of these for you
  12. Thanks for the list, I will be sure to look over these.
  13. Welcome, Gustavo!
  14. Welcome to the server man, my first daughter is due in about 8 weeks or so. Hope to see you in game!
  15. Welcome aboard Bran! This is my personal favorite revision as it was the best times for me in RuneScape. I hope you enjoy your stay, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help! Good luck!
  16. Absolutely loving the progress, good work man
  17. https://youtu.be/fR2lq3Yo-IU Please like & sub!
  18. Welcome mate!
  19. I just tried this, seems that the Rock Crab task only happened once. Not sure what caused it but it seems to be fixed now.
  20. For the Clue Scrolls you can use the OSRSWiki (What I do if i'm stuck) as most every Map is on there. Any you can't find there, feel free to ask someone in the Help CC and we will try to figure it out. You are right, we need a Clue Scroll Guide. Also, having an available drop table for Boxes/Keys would be very helpful; Thanks for the Suggestions!
  21. Thank you for the suggestions @IRON DING. I have added all of these to a list, and will make a central post for them and check-off what is added and what is not!
  22. 9ine
  23. Perfect~ Welcome Bloom, love having you around!

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