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  1. Added these to the official Suggestion list, check it out:
  2. Added to the Official Suggestion list, check it out:
  3. Added this to the Official Suggestion list, check it out:
  4. Added to the suggestion list, check it out here:
  5. Updated. Pm me here or on Discord, or post your suggestions.
  6. I think he got most of these for you
  7. Thanks for the list, I will be sure to look over these.
  8. Hello all! As many have requested, we have implemented a big change into Tanoth 667 to provide more PvP friendly functions. There is now a PvP Game Mode that will allow you to set your combat stats and provides a 150x Skilling EXP rate along with a 0.5% Drop Rate boost. There is now the ::gear command, allowing you to choose from one of many pre-set free loadouts to provide a quicker and simpler way to get into the action! [MEDIA]
  9. Welcome, Gustavo!
  10. Welcome to the server man, my first daughter is due in about 8 weeks or so. Hope to see you in game!
  11. Welcome aboard Bran! This is my personal favorite revision as it was the best times for me in RuneScape. I hope you enjoy your stay, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help! Good luck!
  12. Absolutely loving the progress, good work man
  13. https://youtu.be/fR2lq3Yo-IU Please like & sub!
  14. Welcome mate!

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