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  1. Owner & Developer 1.Slay Kid (Owner, Developer) 2. Tafanii (Developer) Community Manager 1. Dbcrazy Administrator(s) 1. Enchanted 2. Nitzo 3. Winther Moderator(s) 1. Adam
  2. Rules & Regulations Thank you for taking some time go over our in-game & forum rules, if you have any questions or would like clarification you may message me here or in-game. @Slay Kid reserves the right to punish any user as he see's fit. I. Real World Trading / Server Swapping Any player(s) caught purchasing, selling or swapping items or services for real money or OSRS/RS3 (or any other server other than Tanoth 667) are subject to discontinuation of forum & Tanoth 667 accounts. II. Botting, Auto-clicking, Auto-typing or other third-party software(s) Use of any third-party software other than Tanoth 667 Official Client for aid, advancement, competitive edge or any other use of unauthorized software(s) is subject to applicable punishment including Ban, Jail, and more. III. Spamming, Flaming, Harassment and other inappropriate conduct / placement of content Consistent use of insulting profanity, racism, insults, advertisement for other sites/servers, or spam are subject to accounts being muted, jailed or in some cases banned. Use of inappropriate content on the forums such as nudity, racism, flaming, advertising, and all other inappropriate or off-topic posting is subject to posts being deleted, user post restriction and bans from the forums. IV. Hacking, Phishing, Scamming and Luring Players caught hacking forum or in-game accounts, Phishing other players, intentionally scamming and or luring with the intent to deprive the victim are subject to account termination and forum restrictions. V. Bug Abuse & Glitching Players who are documented to abuse in-game bugs, glitches or other stability imperfections to their advantage are subject to roll backs, resets, jail and in some cases bans. Exploitation of a bug or glitch for mass gain will result in account termination.
  3. Oh, boy! It's on. Cheers!
  4. Has this been resolved?
  5. I think having more Mini-games, Quests and Bosses would benefit the server's ability to entertain large amounts of players consistently. The 667 is a great platform for many minigames, quests, and interesting bosses. Barbarian Assault Mini-game Similar to the Barrows Mini-game in that it's a wave functioning system with basic combat and survival aspects Solo, or even small and large teams (So we can host big events here if we ever want to) NPC's Penance Fighters, Rangers, Runners, Spawns and even a Healer NPC for added difficulties (Maybe a Hard Mode) X amount of waves before encountering the Penance Queen Items, Waves, Food, etc Using as much of the already added BA content, use the object that dispenses mini-game specific food and potions Perhaps have random power-up potions and items that can be used during the fights Rewards Points for Coloring Whips + D-bows, Torso, Hats, Penance Skirts, Granite body, etc Point Gambler for EXP lamps, supplies, and maybe chance at D Chainbody and Onyx or something? Just an Idea!

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