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  1. I would love to see master capes in the game aswell, would be a good touch
  2. Loot from 100 Caskets. 11,640,541 GP 13 Loop half of key 21 Tooth half of key Pretty good considering you get them every 2nd kill lol
  3. Looking good
  4. Zalo's List of bugs World: Al-Kharid Bankers out of place. Al-Kharid Bank booths do not work. Pathing in general isnt too great. Agility: 100k Agility xp reward only gives 37.5k (Which i think is a lot better than giving 100k for 100 points anyway but the name of the item in shop needs to be changed.) Advanced Gnome course gives less EXP Per lap than standard Barbarian Agility (ADV Gnomes = 13.8k // Normal barb = 18.7k) Pathing to some of the obstacles is pretty bad, for example if you teleport to barb agility and click the rope from the teleport spot it will say "You'll need to get closer to make this jump" Crafting: Cannot Tan hides using Ellis in Al-Kharid so i wasnt able to test crafting dragonleather. Slayer: You cannot equip Earmuffs, Nose peg, Witchwood icon, unlit bug lantern. cannot light the Unlit bug lantern. Mithril Dragons do not give Slayer EXP. Mithril Dragons only have 2 HP. More Updates to come!
  5. Good work, its getting better and better every day!
  6. How is not being able to cut sapphires at level 1 a bug? other wise good work
  7. Sounds good, can't wait

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