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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong.. But can we give some more love to clue scrolls ? And maybe make them a little more "simple" Due to the lack of guides posted on here (will come in time) can we make clue scrolls more self explanatory? easy clue scrolls tell you exactly what to wear and where to go which is fun. I got a medium clue scroll and its just a picture nothing else, and for people like me i get all confused. Maybe make medium clues. hard clues , etc be more straight forward but actually have some skill requirements to meet. Also if there isint already. can we have a drop table for c keys and maybe mboxes ? Thank you !
  2. My favorites are QBD and fixing fight caves. Maybe make it like only 14 for donators or something
  3. I HOPE I WIN!!
  4. I like this a lot!
  5. Very nice, thank you ! Keep it up !!!
  6. www.twitch.tv/imdalyn
  7. so lazy yet so clean lets see how this plays out.
  8. this is so pretty to look at, awesome job.
  9. I support this should make the number higher.
  10. heres an old video back before slay kid grew up and was a mod hehe
  11. sweet !
  12. nice name , welcome.
  13. welcome benny
  14. nice to see you again .
  15. it has thank you !

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