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  1. -Fixed runecrafting teleports. -Added random Wilderness activity's (Firemaking & Cooking, Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing). Check your information tab under wilderness activity. -Adjusted some prices in wilderness store & added new items to it. -New skilling area at dark fortress -Fixed runecrafting xp rates -Magic logs are no longer unlimited in g.e -added evil tree d&d -fixed shooting stars (should despawn now) -fixed a nullpointer which caused players to get stuck -fixed fishing xp rates -adjusted trivia messages and added more questions. -added death altar to the runecrafting teleports. -adjusted rate of wildy tickets (events has increased pts). -temp removed godwars killcount. -added spirit tree at home for quick travelling (evil tree tp aswell) -added cash,xp & dragon hatchet/inferno adze rewards to evil tree (need 450 damage for reward, more damage = more xp). -you can now fire the evil tree with kindlings (ticks 5 damage ea kindling). -Added free bronze hatchet if you do not have 1 (talk to the lumberjack). -Added new server icons to display each with its own icon. -fixed an issue on spirit tree's dialogue. -fixed lumberjack dialogue. -finished dark fortress skilling area -Fixed al-kharid bankers -you can now use bank booths in al-kharid -You can now tan hides for coins at home (talk to ellis). -Agilty xp rates has been altered (need feedback). -Fixed some nullpointers (important ones). -Evil tree roots should work now. -You can now receive a free tinderbox from lumberjack -Fixed some objects around the world (alot of them added to make them work. still some missing). -started adding more agility courses (ape toll, pyramid, brimhaven & burthrope) - not done yet. -changed xp reward from agility.
  2. Hello Tanoth Players, A few years ago, i came up with the idea of having a blood fountain and blood coins being added to my old server. The concept is very basic, but i think also very cool. Basicly what this update will do is having a whole new currency & a whole new PK Experience. You have to kill players for blood coins wich you then can spent in the fountain for rewards. My rewards were mostly OSRS items, But i think we can come up with something new, something different. So how will this effect the economy and how will this be ''worth'' going for? Well, i was thinking about adding PK Pets, for example: -Red monkey/dragon/octo (remove them for killing players) + reset if update happens(maybe buff them a lil bit). -A pet wich gives you 25% chance of getting triple loot. -A pet that can smite the opponent with 3% chance. -A pet that will automatically use overloads when it run out. -A pet that functions as a ring of life with 5% chance of keeping your items. Can't think of anymore atm. post below what you think. Anyways, moving on the blood coins. How much will you gain ea kill? Personally i was thinking about having 500-3000k coins ea kill, this will be completely random. I think this will revive edgeville a bit and also gives people an incentive to pk, and maybe making it a bit more fun. About expanding this content.. Well as some of you know, we had blood shards. A currency that will be given to you if you shatter an item(for example: Upgraded pieces). This will give you Blood Shards and can be converted to blood coins or getting used in a new shop. The shop for blood shards and what items there should be in.. no idea yet. But maybe of you guys can think of something cool! How will it look?: -The Fountain -The Currency: I really hope you guys like this idea!. Thanks for reading, And let me know what you think about this!
  3. Hello Tanoth Players, Here are all the updates for this week; +Patchnotes Ring of recoil is now working correctly Whoever has the highest killstreak in a row will get an bounty on his head, if you manage to kill the player with the bounty you will get rewarded in coins & tanoth credits You can now get coins from killing players Added rare pvp droptable, you are able to find new caskets which will give awesome rewards! Hit delay visuals should now be fixed Added new teleport interface which has nice features , you can open the interface through the H button in the chat box or using the command ;;home > global teleports! Fixed fire cape animation Fixed NPCS walking around You now can get crystal bow & shield from the crystal chest. Added dragon claws, ags, infernal scimitar, sacred clay scimitar (class 5), fire cape, tokhaar-kal, infernal cape & amulet of fury to the wilderness shop Increased the chance of recieving random PvP Rewards(edited) Boss instances are now working again(edited) Using the global teleport object will now display the correct interface. When in PK Mode, you no longer need ANY quest to complete. Added primal rapier, longsword & maul to the credit store. Reduced prices inside the wilderness store for more convenient. All chaotics are now tradeable. Fire cape is now tradeable. You will now lose fighter torso on death. You will now lose dragon defender on death. You will now lose fire cape on death. Heavy and Light ballista is now an two-handed weapon. Added demon horn boots to the doubloon credit store. (bis) You will now lose chaotics on death (not tested) Eagle eye kiteshield has been added to the tanoth credit store. Abyssal whip (tripled) has been nerfed by alot. Lite weapons are disabled from edgeville Pking. Crystal bow now has its right stats Added stats to the infernal cape. You can no longer use dwarf cannons inside the corporeal beast cave Fixed wilderness boss tormented demon (nullpointer) Crystal bow will no longer degrade, crystal shield will still degrade overtime. Ice & Blood barrage are now fixed, and will no longer crash your client. Removed dragon scimitar special attack +Planned updates: Live scoreboard for PKing with great rewards. New weapons, armour & currency. Pyramid Plunder PvP Bots Upgradeable weapons Blood Fountain & Blood coins Polypore dungeon (slayer) Boss tickets (get 25 tickets > use on a chest to get rewards) Damage dummy (Farm damage tokens to get awesome rewards) Thanks for reading, Tanoth Staff Team.
  4. Hello Tanoth Players, Thank you for supporting and playing the server, we still have some issues but are working through them. With your help, Tanoth will be very successful. Here are all the updates for this week; +Bugfixes @Slay Kid - GWD Re-work, Kill count is now required to enter room. (Donators receive lower kill count requirements, too) - Various GWD bosses will now drop Frozen Key pieces to enter Nex's lair - Two new PVM achievements added for Corporeal beast & Glacors - Revised and cleaned up achievement tab - All teleports will now allow you teleport in up to level 30 wilderness - Steel Titans will no longer teleport you while inside the wilderness - The Elite Achievement "Burn Logs" now tracks all log types - Golden Mining outfit now give +1.25% EXP while mining - All achievement should be tracking correctly, please let me know if you find an error - Edgeville Guards added for Achievement progressing - You can now access the option "Rewards" in Slayer option - Warrior's guild should now increment points a little bit less often - Bork kills are now counting towards achievements - Glacors combat system has been reworked and now has minions aswell - Item taxing now works correctly - Going into your POH no longer should crash your client - You will no longer receive an message saying you need mining level 65 when mining the crashed star. - Tormented demons are now using the correct combat script - Fighter Torso has been added to the Credit store - Tanoth Credit Store prices have been revised - Chinchompas now have the correct animations when being used as a ranged weapon - If players failed to choose an XP rate they will get a forced dialogue every 20 seconds to choose one - Potion decanting is now fully working, and free of charge - Bonus XP well has been added, use 100m coins on it to active double xp for 1 hour (global), it does stack with double xp weekend and wisdom aura - Nex has been added - Anti-fire potions should now be working correctly - Glacors are now tracking killcount - When loading an loadout the bank interface will automatically close - Giant mole teleport has been added - Added amulet of fury to Tanoth credit store - Moved bookcase for the quest helpless lawgof, its now inside a building near party room - You can now open armor sets from clue scrolls - Corporeal beast is now working correctly. +Bugfixes @Tafanii - Run energy now depletes correctly according to your Agility level - Bone crusher now gives different xp rates for each mode - PvP Bots have been removed from the server - Dean Velio now displays the correct amount of gp - Hunter has been re-worked, Chincompas are now able to be captured - Slayer Points have been increased depending on the Task type you completed - Cyclopse now have their correct combat animations - Scimitars now have the correct attack rate (best dps in slot) - Locking combat XP will now only lock Combat XP +Donator Benefit Additions - Entering boss rooms costs 30 kc. For donators: Regular: 20Kc | Super: 15Kc | Legendary: 8Kc | Ultimate: 0Kc | (Kc=Killcount) *Suggestions are welcome for more benefits* Thanks, Tanoth Staff Team
  5. Hello Tanoth Players, Thank you for supporting and playing the server, We have considered many suggestions and idea's and we started focusing on PvM content from now on. Here are all the updates for this week; +Tanoth Doubloons With this new addition there is something new to grind for and we can expand this currency in many ways. First off, what are tanoth doubloons and how do i obtain them? Doubloons are the brand new currency added to tanoth, you can obtain them by simply killing Monsters. What does it look like? : Where can i spent these? - There's a new chest at home where you can convert your Tanoth Doubloons into other currency This chest will open an dialogue what will look like this: - Current conversion rates: or x44 Doubloon Credits As you can see there are 2 new currency's (3 if you count doubloons) in the game. What are these currency's used for? Lite shards: You can use these to get an abyssal whip (lite), chaotic rapier (lite) or chaotic longsword (lite) Lite whip currently costs: 15k Lite shards Lite chaotics currently costs: 15k Lite Shards Doubloon Credits: You can use these in the new shop with new items in it. The shop: - Vulgaer Set (Melee armour) - Ballista javelins - Light Ballista - Heavy Ballista We have also added a new Monster called "Abbysal demon (lite)'', Which will drop lite shards passively (amount: 1-120) And also has a rare chance of dropping the abyssal whip(lite)! You can go there by clicking on ''PvM Teleports'' at home or ::home > global teleports. The Area: This area will have some restrictions, for now its only dwarf cannons. This is a very simple concept that can bring tanoth to a new level, we can expand this into so much more.. I really hope you like this and please give me some feedback on it +Boss instances Great work from tafanii: Boss instances. Talk to the goblin at home start a boss instance for 1m coins. Currently supported bosses: - Bandos - Zamorak - Saradomin - King black dragon - Dagannoth king You can either set your instance to private or public, and you can allow people to join your instance up to 6 people! +In other news... - I've added a new overlay when entering the wilderness that displays your KDR!. - Highly increased droprate for frozen key pieces at gwd - Warriors guild tokens now ticks 5 tokens/minute - Drops Expert!, you can talk to the drops expert at home to find out which npc drops which item! Simply type in your drop and it will show which npc will drop it. - Spring cleaner has been added (breaks down items or gives xp). Currently available in Trivia store, Tanoth credit store & donator store - Dharok's equipment bonuses is now working correctly - We've changed the delay on edible items - Glacors are now working properly - Nerfed dwarf cannons max hit from 300 to 200 - Added item bonuses to various of items that weren't there before - Added right click options for whip,c rapier and c longsword - You can now craft an abyssal whip (tripled), requires 3 abyssal whip(lite) and 95 crafting. - Added animations for ballista (not 100% accurate) - Fixed update timer ingame - Players online on report button will now tick correctly Thanks, Tanoth Staff Team
  6. Hello, just a little update from me. You have to download the new client in order to play Tanoth. You can either click on the downloads section or click on play now on the landing page See you ingame! Tanoth Staff Team Tanoth2020.jar
  7. Updates from @Slay Kid: Fixed teleportation tab store. Fixed dragonfire shield special attack Added clue scrolls system Fixed switching in pvp Fixed Slayer conversation bug 'Teleport sounds can’t be turned off ' - Removed teleport sounds Removed all waves for fight caves (1 Wave jad) Removed Museum guards You will now recieve triple slayer points Dragon implings can now be caught You can now equip void Two darklights will now spawn around the tormented demon lair (these are required to temporarily disable the tormented demons shield) Updated completionist cape requirements. You are required to have completed all 99's & have completed all achievements in order to unlock the high tier cape. Fixed the slayer achievement i & ii, this achievement will now only increment after full slayer tasks. Reduced the base Wilderness tokens to 500 per kill, this was previously 1000. Fixed teleporting to the rock_crab slayer task Aberrant spectre's will now count towards your slayer task You will now automatically receive the veterans cloak & hood upon 300 ingame hours played. You now require veterans status to equip any item that contains ("Veteran") Some cache issues were resolved. Removed old comp cape requirements messages. Fixed unsupported java error in client. Gave new player login messages a different color (no longer pain in your eyes) Mini quest ''recipe for disaster'' now works! (Reward: Gloves) Mini quest ''helpless lawgof'' now works! (Dwarf Cannon + Mould) Mini Quest ''lunar diplomacy'' now works! (unlocks lunar spellbook) Mini Quest ''desert treasure'' now works! (unlocks ancient spellbook) Mini Quest ''the robbery''' now works! (Access to keldagrim stalls) Fixed the bank chest at home Accounts will no longer null on login. You will know automatically join an help fc. Removed the bank pin dialogue on login. Wilderness obelisks will now have the correct animation and graphics. Switching items inside the bank is now working. You can now customize max & comp cape in your equipment tab. Removed smith helmets from daily tasks Updated crystal chest rewards. When completing Lunar Diplomacy it should now tp you back to the quest hut. Increased slayer pts for all types(edited) Decreased mining action delay Leather Crafting should work You can now pickpocket man and womans Added cash rewards for completing daily task 1-50M
  8. Hello Tanoth Players, Here are all the updates for this week; +Instant PK Mode & Spawn *Thanks to dbcrazy for writing this out Hello all! As many have requested, we have implemented a big change into Tanoth 667 to provide more PvP friendly functions. There is now a PvP Game Mode that will allow you to set your combat stats and provides a 150x Skilling EXP rate along with a 0.5% Drop Rate boost. There is now the ::gear command, allowing you to choose from one of many pre-set free loadouts to provide a quicker and simpler way to get into the action! The new dialogue upon login: Selectable gear setups: +Patchnotes & Bugfixes Tanoth doubloons will now drop more often Boss pet droprate has been altered from 1/250 to 1/200 Added a new shooting star variant, old one has been deleted due many problems Nex has been implemented to the game You can now go back into the bank room when using the landslide inside nex. Added gwd counter inside chatbox (it will just count up) - temp fix. Added global events (no kc required for gwd, double coin caskets, quad charms) Shooting stars now works correctly (spawns every 2 hours) Fixed an issue that caused your client to crash at home. All global events will now display in chatbox You can no longer buy cannonballs from the shop, you have to make them now. Bork will now drop ''Ring of vigour'' Fixed an issue with prayer draining. Spring cleaner now has a 100k trade value instead of 2.1b You can now enter the house portal located at home. Soft clay has been added to the ironman store Vial of water has been added to the ironman store Lowered prices inside the doubloons credit store! Revenants combat system has been reworked!(edited) Revenants droptable has been reworked! Revenants will now drop pvp armour and brawling gloves Forinthy brace will now work correctly Ring of vigour will now display as a rare drop on yell. Slighty nerfed quadruple charm event Added barrows minigame Removed akrisae minigame Fightcaves now only has 1 wave which is Jad. Auto retaliate will now work correctly Switching items should be alot faster than before Fixed another nullpointer issue Rocks will no more deplete after mining them, this means they are unlimited Mining achievements has been buffed again because of this Fixed an huge issue with deaths not recording correctly to the right player. Weird bug with corporeal beast has now been resolved You can no longer die in the deathroom You will no longer random die or crash. Added an portal to navigate to edgeville Added an heal pool at edge Hcim will now die correctly when in wilderness You can now claim the throne at 700+ total level instead of 1500+ Changed values for alot of items to 0gp due new spawn system (check them before you trade) Doors inside barrows has been fixed Added a few new commands for pker mode (::ancients, ::lunars, ::vengrunes, ::barragerunes, ::curseson, ::cursesoff) Pker mode no longer requires to do the quest (but they can still can do them if they like) Added reputation system, that shows on yell and in your info tab! Your game mode will now display correctly. Added ::players that shows an list of the current players online (or click on the players button) Buffed the skilling pet droprate once more You no longer use dwarf cannons at godwars dungeon Mithril seeds are no longer unlimited in g.e Made all runes 0gp Made all spawnable items 0gp You can no longer resell items to various shops. Added ::edge command Probably more updates i can't remember or didn't write down i'm sorry! Thanks for reading, Tanoth Staff Team.
  9. [July 22 - 2019] Added a delay for thieving Removed the Dscim from instant sell list on grand exchange Fixed Agility Points Updated prices in trivia store Added Wilderness level icon when in the wilderness Fixed Altar bone experience Reduced Tanoth credit amounts by 3. Reduced Coins given by caskets / 4 Fixed Loyalty store 'back' button in the brawling gloves section Removed Dragon bones from the unlimited Grand Exchange list Fixed examine bug (players no longer can delete objects) Reduced the amount of gold you get from caskets. Decreased trivia bot messages. Increased server tip messages. Corrected some spelling. Fixed Godwars Dungeon. Fixed construction. Added droprate bonus for the droprate capes. Added announcements for all boss pets (1/50 chance) You can now eat: Bananas, Pineapples, Tomato's, Lime, Lemon, Orange & Peaches. Added new category's to the trivia bot (Songs, Riddles, Puzzles & General questions) + added alot more answers New commands (::song <input>, ::riddle <input>, ::puzzle <input> ::answer<input>) [July 23 - 2019] Reworked The droptable system, Items will no longer appear for everyone. Fixed Special Attack processors Fixed random trivia's Fixed ancient effigy's | Starved gives 100k xp (lvl 81), Nourished gives 200k xp(lvl 85), Sated gives 350k xp(lvl 89), Gorged gives 500k xp(lvl 96) Added dragonkin lamp dialogue Fixed a bandos issue (nullpointer) Fixed coin caskets (gives 65k-115k gp ea casket) + chance of receiving crystal key. You will now lose 5 points instead of 20 at warriors guild. Fixed warriors guild (dummy, animated armour & throwing balls work) Added rune ess mining spot in skill tab teleports. Added g.e clerk & banker to rune essence mining spot. Fixed Cooking XP Rates. Changed Combat XP Rate from x125 to x225 Changed Skilling XP Rate from x65 to x75
  10. Hello Tanoth Players, Here are all the updates for this week; +Ironman & HCIM Modes Let me introduce you to Ironman & HCIM! You can now choose between 7 game modes! (including ironman & hcim) What you will see upon login: Also you will get your own dedicated title! About ironman and its restrictions: Ironman is a mode where you have gain everything by yourself instead of buying/selling items from other players. Here in tanoth we have a few restrictions for this These are: You do not have access to the grand exchange You do not have access to the Shops. You can no longer trade people. You can't pickup items from another player. You can't dice-duel You can't use the duel arena For hardcore ironmans theres a new NPC at home called ''grim reaper'' where you can buy lifes for 375m ea (this will be changed). If you die as an hardcore ironman without any lifes left you will lose your hardcore status and turn back into a normal ironman (with its bonuses) The current game mode xp's are: for hardcore ironman for regular ironman Talk to the ''iron man store'' next to the grim reaper to use their own dedicated shop! Thats basicly it for now, when i have more info ill add it in here. +Patchnotes/Bugfixes You can now obtain a lite whip from the abyssal demon (lite)s Lite whip now costs 5k lite shards, chaotic rapier costs 10k and chaotic longsword costs 15k. You now need atleast 1 inventory slot to use the doubloons chest Lite whip has been slighty nerfed to its orginal stats Lite abyssal demons has been slighty buffed Dwarf cannon sets now costs 4M Doubloons chest is now named doubloons chest instead of deposit chest, also changed the option ''deposit'' to ''insert'' Double XP Well now has a new object with its own option Double XP Well now costs 50M cash for 30 minutes double xp You now need to open 175 crystal chests instead of 75 for the Medium Achievement Added skilling spotlights, there will now be every hour a new skill that will have bonus XP in them. Fixed herblore easy achievement Player perks has been added, more information on them and how to obtain them: New achievement ''Create overloads'' gives the new perk ''Herblaw'' New achievement ''smelt 200 iron bars'' gives the new perk ''Iron Forge'' Elite achievement ''Burn 5k logs'' will now give the new perk ''Pyromatic'' You can view the information tab to see which skill has bonus xp Fightcaves is now working, Donators will start at wave 30 instead of 1. Moved home area. OSBuddy healthbar has been added Potion timers has been added A new home button on chatbox has been added All achievements has been fixed, and you can claim the cape/wear it. Fixed an issue that caused huge lag spikes Tanoth doubloons will now drop more often Skilling pets have been added! Currently supports 10 skills - Woodcutting, Thieving, Mining, Fishing, Agility, Hunter, Summoning, Magic, Firemaking & Slayer! Boss pet droprate has been altered from 1/250 to 1/200 Changed the adamant and rune ores respawn time Wilderness agility course has been nerfed slightly Elite Achievement ''mine rune ores'' has been nerfed to 500 ores. Elite Achievement ''burn bones'' has been nerfed to 1100 bones. Elite Achievement ''bury frost bones'' has been nerfed to 200 bones. Elite Achievement ''chop some logs'' has been nerfed to 2500 logs. Elite Achievement ''burn logs'' has been nerfed to 5000 bones. Elite Achievement ''kill corporeal beast'' has been nerfed to 100 kills. Elite Achievement ''create overloads'' has been nerfed to 300 overloads. Hard Achievement ''wilderness agility course'' has been nerfed to 60 courses. Removed elite slayer task achievement Done some improvements the way the server loads *much faster now* Fixed some of the object spawning Increased slayer points gained from each task. Increased droprate for frozen key pieces at gwd Fixed when loading an loadout the bank interface will automatically close correctly now. Swapped the click option for shopkeeper at home Added Player Titles Added rates tags Run energy drain tick has been nerfed by alot You can now see which game mode your on in the info tab. Skilling pet droprate has been slighty nerfed Boss pet drorpate has been slighty nerfed Tanoth doubloon droprate has been slighty nerfed You can now wear an Unholy Symbol Fixed an issue that caused huge lag spikes. Thanks for reading, Tanoth Staff Team.
  11. Hello, I'm sorry for the delay on the beta We have ran into some trouble with the VPS company before, therefore i had to pay a complete new VPS Everything is still syncing to the VPS and that will consume some time I will keep you posted whenever the sync is completed and when we are ready to launch beta, untill then please be patient ETA: Saturday 20th July. Regards, Tanoth Staff Team.
  12. Updates from @Slay Kid and @Tafanii: Fixed jad entrance (other cave entrance works too) Removed censored words Added potions decanting (only works with (3) into (4) ) Removed penguin hs and evil tree messages (makes it more clean)(edited) Added this to tips: "You can view what world event is going on in your information tab!" Updated combat, NPCs will now follow there correct weaknesses i.e You will have a higher chance of damaging Dragons with Magic, Ranged would damage Dark beasters higher than melee or magic. When wearing a defender you will get an extra strength bonuses Magic, Ranged & Melee combat triangle has been somewhat balanced, (This will need to be tested) Disabled Potion & veng timers Updated Switching, we now process this action before anything else. this action is now a Prority.FIRST Wilderness bossing gives 2k points now. Added pvp region wilderness activity's. (double pvp points) Added a 30 seconds delay in order to gain wilderness points (without activity) this eliminates point farmers in the future Added random PvP Rewards (rewards: Magic Logs x250, Rocktails(noted) x200, Raw Rocktails(noted) x100, Runite Ore x250, Adamant Ore x500, Yew Logs x750, Overloads x20, & 10M Coins) Added OSBuddy like drop overlays Adjusted wildy shop prices Fixed kalphite queen entrance (use rope on entrance). limited pyre logs on G.E limited dragon full helm (or)/dragon sq (or) on g.e limited elegant legs on g.e limited godsword shards on g.e searching for Torva in GE no longer crashes your client. fixed typo in server tips. disabled nomad's requiem for now. re enabled all pvp bots (including the noob ones) added Bones on Fire (cremation). Added achievement system + added a whole bunch of them. godwars should work now. added daily skilling challenges
  13. Updates from @Slay Kid and @Tafanii: -XP Modes: you can now select your own xp mode that is best suited for your play style, each mode has its benefits & cons, higher experience rate players lose drop rate whilst lower xp rate players reap the benefits of a higher drop rate - Adjusted Gnome, Barbarian, & Wilderness Agility XP - Adjusted Each skills XP Rates - Added 4 XP Modes [Easy, Normal, Hard, Legend] Each Rate has it's perks - Fixed Wilderness Store [Torag set] - Price added - Adjusted Wilderness Store [Ahrims set price (70k)], [Dharoks set price (90k)] - Fixed Hunter Catch rates - Improved Charm drop rates - Fixed Summoning XP Rates & Revamped the handling of each [infusion & creation] - Removed Tanoth credit from skilling - Removed Wilderness Points from skilling - Fixed Experience lamp handing for Prayer - Grand Exchange Removals (Adamant Bar, Rune Bar) - Enabled Bots to drop items (All equipped & inventory) - Added penguin hide and seek, see hints in information tab, rewards shop at home. - Added bank presets. - Fixed magic stall at home, no longer afkable - Fixed Brawling Gloves - Fixed Experience Locking - You will now be teleported inside the ring when teleporting to the abyss - Fixed Nose peg, you can now equip this. - Increased slayer xp rate - coin caskets contains more gold. - slowed down global messages - Trivia is now up to 3 answers. - ::empty should work for normal players now. - Claiming killstreak helmets should work now. -You can now exchange pvp artifacts talking to nastroth. - Removed the Droprate changes, everyone will have the same droprates. - Reducing Experience for rates to better suit the game - Fixed Revenant PvP equipment drops - Adjusted Drop rates for XP Modes EASY(300, 100, 1.0) NORMAL(200, 50, 2.750) HARD(100, 25, 3.750) - PvP Artifacts will still drop frequently this can be used as a money making utility. - Tanoth credit will now only be obtained via killing NPCs - The amount of tanoth credit you recieve per kill is based off the NPCs health, Credit-HP ratio is 1:1 - Adjusted prices in credit store - Mithril dragons now have health - Tormented demon should now switch prayers (need darklight) - Wildywyrm should be fixed now. - Wilderness bossing should be fixed (spawns every 5 min for 15 mins) = 3 bosses. - Ring of wealth longer requires charges. -Fixed the herblore skill.
  14. Hello Tanoth Players, First off I'd like to thank everyone for playing Tanoth. There's some slight issues that have popped up, and we are fixing it. Other than that, the release has been pretty good. Thank you a lot! Here are all the updates for this week; +Additions - Level 99 announcements now also tell you which game mode the player chosen - Players are now able to choose between 2 new game modes, Legend & Elite - Bank presets were added, Skilling has never been easier! - New MiniGame: Wilderness Throne, claim the throne to be the king of the wilderness, you can also set taxes to gain some skilling resources & coin caskets (::throne) - PvP HotSpots, killing players here results in doubled wilderness points - Decreased amount of Player-vs-Player Bots at Home area to reduce clutter Player-vs-Player Bots now have their own names. You can no longer increase your killcount while killing Player-vs-Player Bots You can no longer get 'killstreak' helmets - You can now craft slayer helmets - You can now create jewellery - You can now create an dragonfire shield - You can now create cannonballs - You can now imbue rings - You can now create an dragon sq shield - You can now create an abyssal whip(vine) - You can now assemble godsword shards - You can now create blessed spirit shields - You can now create spirit shields +Patch notes - Guards & Men's pickpocketing systems now function correctly - Thieving Stalls now have a quicker respawn timer - Slayer Gem now displays correct Slayer Master Dialogue - Slayer Gem right-click options now function correctly - Dicing has been disabled (for now) - Voting and Donation Rewards systems put in place and function - Herblore Shop 1 has been revised - Corrected some things with the ::Yell system - Coin Casket rewards have been slightly reduced - Noted Dragon Bones have been removed from the Crystal Chest rewards - Grand Exchange messages and update texts should be more accurate - The Prayer Skill EXP has been significantly reduced - Brackish Blade has been added to the grand exchange - The Ammo shop at home now has Ava's Accumulator's in stock - Achievement store is now using the correct currency - Players online inside information tab is now displaying the correct online players - Fixed an message saying you can't kill this slayer monster - You can now fully equip witchdoctor pieces - Aberrant spectres now count towards your slayer task - Teleporting to frost dragons will now teleport you in the right place - Wilderness artifacts now gives you the right amount of cash - The miniquest 'the robbery' is now working correctly! - Special Attack Energy is now fully operating again - You can now do the clue scrolls where you have to dance - Prayer draining has been adjusted to be more realistic - You are now able to bury wolf bones - Spinach rolls are now edible - Herblore potion making is now working correctly - You can now buy phoenix feathers from herblore shop 2 - The wilderness ditch achievement has been removed - The voting achievement has been removed - Ring of Wealth has been removed from the jewellery shop - Rare drops will now announce in the world feed - You can now throw all the chinchompa's - You can no longer thieve dragon scimitar from the scimitar stall at home - Unlisted hand cannon from unlimited items - Leather crafting is now working correctly You can now craft normal leather armour You can now craft hard leather armour You can now craft snakeskin armour - Corrected the amount of the easy bork achievement - Run energy is now operating normally again - Moved the bookcase for Helpless Lawgof, You can find it inside a building near Falador Party Room - Dwarf cannon XP Rates has been altered to the correct amount - Charming imp is now fully operating again - You will now be able to grind mud runes with an pestle and mortar +Donator Benefit Additions - Donators will now receive extra wilderness points, Regular: +350 | Super: +550 | Legendary: +750 | Ultimate: +1000 - Donators will now receive an % extra chance for coin caskets, Regular: +5% | Super: +10% | Legendary: +15% | Ultimate: +25% - Super donator+ will now have access to the command ::bank - Donators will now receive a small percentage extra droprate, Regular: +0,4% | Super: +0.8% | Legendary: +1% | Ultimate: +1.5% *Suggestions are welcome for more benefits* Thanks, Tanoth Staff Team
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  18. CRANKED - Gives the ability for unlimited running energy. | How to obtain: N/A GREEN_THUMB - Gives more yield and less percent chance of produce getting diseased. | How to obtain: N/A IRON_FORGE - Gives the ability to never lose an iron bar again. | How to obtain: Complete easy achievement ''smelt iron ores'' SNEAK_FACTOR - Gives the ability to be 100% successful when pickpocketing. | How to obtain: N/A CHARM_TAX - Gives the ability to automatically pick up charms and loot more charms than usual. | How to obtain: N/A HERBLAW - Gives the ability to increase the amount of noted herbs a monster drops. | How to obtain: Complete elite achievement ''Create overloads'' WORLDLY_FISHING - Gives an increase in the chances of catching multiple fish. | How to obtain: N/A INCOME_TAX - Gives the ability for coins to automatically go into the bank while looting. | How to obtain: N/A ZAROSIAN_DECENDANT - Gives the ability for prayer to drain 20% slower. | How to obtain: N/A FROM_THE_ASHES - Gives a 2% extra prayer xp and will bury bones automatically | How to obtain: Complete elite achievement ''bury frost bones'' PYROMATIC - Gives the ability to burn all logs as they are cut from trees. | How to obtain: Complete elite achievement ''burn logs''
  19. Progress List (to be changed) RED = NOT STARTED ORANGE = STARTED GREEN = FINISHED Combat Accurate Combat Formulas for accuracy and max hit All Melee Weapons and special attacks All Range Weapons and special attacks All Magic Spells All Prayers Accurate NPC and Player combat interaction Skills Prayer: Bone burying Bones on altar Correct XP Rates Runecrafting Runecrafting altars ZMI Altar Abyss Runecrafting Combination Runes Magic All Lunar Spells Functioning All Ancient Spells Functioning All Normal Spells Functioning Agility Agility courses All relevant agility shortcuts Herblore Potion Making Flasks Ingredient grinding All potion effects Thieving Pickpocketing All working stalls Crafting Leather making Jewellery smelting Gem/Bolt Tips crafting Fletching Bolt Making Knife Making Arrow Making Bow/Crossbow Making Broad Bolts/Arrows (After Unlocking with Slayer) Slayer Slayer Masters Tasks System (Different for every master) Slayer Reward Shop Slayer Rings Kuradal's Dungeon Hunter Bird Hunting Chin Hunting Falconry Imp Hunting Implings Correct catch rates Mining Rock Mining Rune/Pure Essence mining Smithing Ore Smelting Anvil Smithing Godsword Blade Creation Spirit Shield Creation Dragonfire Shield Creation Fishing Fishing Spots Fishing Methods Cooking Most Cookable meat Most Food edible Firemaking All Log Lighting Woodcutting Ivy Trees Canoe System Construction Ability to make a house with relevant rooms All portals working Summoning Pouch Creation Scroll Creation All familiars Dungeoneering Reward Shop Higher level floors/bosses? Minigames Fight Caves Pest Control Brimhaven Agility Arena Mage Training Arena Puro Puro Lava Flow Mine Pyramid Plunder Warrior's Guild General Game Features Comp cape requirements Gravestone System Items Kept on Death System Bank Pin Grand Exchange Potion Decanting/Emptying Running/Weight System Poison System Disease System Spirit Trees Gliders Shops PVM Drops and drop rate adjustment God Wars Tormented Demons Dagannoth Kings Barrows Corporeal Beast Revenants Glacors KBD Kalphite Queen Giant Mole Chaos Elemental D&D Penguins Clue Scrolls Shooting Stars/Evils Trees Social Features Friends List/Ignore List Friends Chat Emotes Assist System Lending System LootShare/Coin Share Quality of Life Zoom Shift Click Drop Spacebar Continue Dialogue Attack Options Known Bugs: Special attack not working correctly. Hunter catch rates Gwd killcounter others cant join your house FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED Hitting auto-setup on login screen causes client to close FIXED FIXED FIXED Warriors guild still occasionally bugged (uses all tokens at once) Void bonus - This is not a bug void has a hidden bonus Making super range pots FIXED Searching for Torva in GE causes client to crash FIXED FIXED Add god capes to magic store Claiming kill streak helmets (always get the 10ks helm) FIXED FIXED FIXED "Search" and "remove x" interfaces stay open if you accidentally click, and then close your bank. Need to hit enter in order to close interface. Mining level for crash star is bugged FIXED Donor zone mining Dragon bones in wild shop can’t be bought Fix anytime FIXED Death interface Cant enter others POH Grandpa Jack and Elof NPC's dont work in hunter area FIXED Loyalty points store displays the incorrect value if you don't have enough points to buy something Wildy obelisk visual effect DFS visual spec Bank "swap vs insert button" for organizing doesn't work Remove from GE FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED Taverly Dungeon agility right pipe shortcut should be 70 agility aswell as the left 1 should have a trap there to where it's 80 agility to jump it.

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