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    Hello Tanoth Players, Thank you for supporting and playing the server, we still have some issues but are working through them. With your help, Tanoth will be very successful. Here are all the updates for this week; +Bugfixes @Slay Kid - GWD Re-work, Kill count is now required to enter room. (Donators receive lower kill count requirements, too) - Various GWD bosses will now drop Frozen Key pieces to enter Nex's lair - Two new PVM achievements added for Corporeal beast & Glacors - Revised and cleaned up achievement tab - All teleports will now allow you teleport in up to level 30 wilderness - Steel Titans will no longer teleport you while inside the wilderness - The Elite Achievement "Burn Logs" now tracks all log types - Golden Mining outfit now give +1.25% EXP while mining - All achievement should be tracking correctly, please let me know if you find an error - Edgeville Guards added for Achievement progressing - You can now access the option "Rewards" in Slayer option - Warrior's guild should now increment points a little bit less often - Bork kills are now counting towards achievements - Glacors combat system has been reworked and now has minions aswell - Item taxing now works correctly - Going into your POH no longer should crash your client - You will no longer receive an message saying you need mining level 65 when mining the crashed star. - Tormented demons are now using the correct combat script - Fighter Torso has been added to the Credit store - Tanoth Credit Store prices have been revised - Chinchompas now have the correct animations when being used as a ranged weapon - If players failed to choose an XP rate they will get a forced dialogue every 20 seconds to choose one - Potion decanting is now fully working, and free of charge - Bonus XP well has been added, use 100m coins on it to active double xp for 1 hour (global), it does stack with double xp weekend and wisdom aura - Nex has been added - Anti-fire potions should now be working correctly - Glacors are now tracking killcount - When loading an loadout the bank interface will automatically close - Giant mole teleport has been added - Added amulet of fury to Tanoth credit store - Moved bookcase for the quest helpless lawgof, its now inside a building near party room - You can now open armor sets from clue scrolls - Corporeal beast is now working correctly. +Bugfixes @Tafanii - Run energy now depletes correctly according to your Agility level - Bone crusher now gives different xp rates for each mode - PvP Bots have been removed from the server - Dean Velio now displays the correct amount of gp - Hunter has been re-worked, Chincompas are now able to be captured - Slayer Points have been increased depending on the Task type you completed - Cyclopse now have their correct combat animations - Scimitars now have the correct attack rate (best dps in slot) - Locking combat XP will now only lock Combat XP +Donator Benefit Additions - Entering boss rooms costs 30 kc. For donators: Regular: 20Kc | Super: 15Kc | Legendary: 8Kc | Ultimate: 0Kc | (Kc=Killcount) *Suggestions are welcome for more benefits* Thanks, Tanoth Staff Team
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    Owner & Developer 1.Slay Kid (Owner, Developer) 2. Tafanii (Developer) Community Manager 1. Dbcrazy Administrator(s) 1. Enchanted 2. Nitzo 3. Winther Moderator(s) 1. Adam

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