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    Hello Tanoth Players, Here are all the updates for this week; +Patchnotes Ring of recoil is now working correctly Whoever has the highest killstreak in a row will get an bounty on his head, if you manage to kill the player with the bounty you will get rewarded in coins & tanoth credits You can now get coins from killing players Added rare pvp droptable, you are able to find new caskets which will give awesome rewards! Hit delay visuals should now be fixed Added new teleport interface which has nice features , you can open the interface through the H button in the chat box or using the command ;;home > global teleports! Fixed fire cape animation Fixed NPCS walking around You now can get crystal bow & shield from the crystal chest. Added dragon claws, ags, infernal scimitar, sacred clay scimitar (class 5), fire cape, tokhaar-kal, infernal cape & amulet of fury to the wilderness shop Increased the chance of recieving random PvP Rewards(edited) Boss instances are now working again(edited) Using the global teleport object will now display the correct interface. When in PK Mode, you no longer need ANY quest to complete. Added primal rapier, longsword & maul to the credit store. Reduced prices inside the wilderness store for more convenient. All chaotics are now tradeable. Fire cape is now tradeable. You will now lose fighter torso on death. You will now lose dragon defender on death. You will now lose fire cape on death. Heavy and Light ballista is now an two-handed weapon. Added demon horn boots to the doubloon credit store. (bis) You will now lose chaotics on death (not tested) Eagle eye kiteshield has been added to the tanoth credit store. Abyssal whip (tripled) has been nerfed by alot. Lite weapons are disabled from edgeville Pking. Crystal bow now has its right stats Added stats to the infernal cape. You can no longer use dwarf cannons inside the corporeal beast cave Fixed wilderness boss tormented demon (nullpointer) Crystal bow will no longer degrade, crystal shield will still degrade overtime. Ice & Blood barrage are now fixed, and will no longer crash your client. Removed dragon scimitar special attack +Planned updates: Live scoreboard for PKing with great rewards. New weapons, armour & currency. Pyramid Plunder PvP Bots Upgradeable weapons Blood Fountain & Blood coins Polypore dungeon (slayer) Boss tickets (get 25 tickets > use on a chest to get rewards) Damage dummy (Farm damage tokens to get awesome rewards) Thanks for reading, Tanoth Staff Team.

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