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  3. Correct me if i'm wrong.. But can we give some more love to clue scrolls ? And maybe make them a little more "simple" Due to the lack of guides posted on here (will come in time) can we make clue scrolls more self explanatory? easy clue scrolls tell you exactly what to wear and where to go which is fun. I got a medium clue scroll and its just a picture nothing else, and for people like me i get all confused. Maybe make medium clues. hard clues , etc be more straight forward but actually have some skill requirements to meet. Also if there isint already. can we have a drop table for c keys and maybe mboxes ? Thank you !
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  5. My favorites are QBD and fixing fight caves. Maybe make it like only 14 for donators or something
  6. add royal cannon ( able to have 90 cannon ball instead of 30) add doom tower add qbd add ganodermic add monster's to slayer master ( make the task bigger and harder depending on the task tier (easy /med/hard/elite) remove bosses from elite slayer task make fight caves last 14 waves or so fix drops mecaninc (probly needs more testing dont realy know how it works rn but its broken) fix death at corp ( rn it like if you killed your self in wildy) got any question pm me ingame or on discord. ~ding
  7. I HOPE I WIN!!
  8. I like this a lot!
  9. I would love to see master capes in the game aswell, would be a good touch
  10. Great update, thanks for all the hard work!
  11. Last week
  12. Amazing updates Keep it up guys.
  13. Very nice, thank you ! Keep it up !!!
  14. make it so you can make overload whit 4 dose extrm pot. make it so it can decant pots to defrent dose ( make 4 dose into 3/2/1 dose ...
  15. hey everyone id like to suggest master capes with perks?, and for normal accs and easy accounts 200m for one and for the hardest exp people 104m?
  16. Make sure to LIKE & COMMENT to enter Giveaway!
  17. Hello Tanoth Players, Thank you for supporting and playing the server, we still have some issues but are working through them. With your help, Tanoth will be very successful. Here are all the updates for this week; +Bugfixes @Slay Kid - GWD Re-work, Kill count is now required to enter room. (Donators receive lower kill count requirements, too) - Various GWD bosses will now drop Frozen Key pieces to enter Nex's lair - Two new PVM achievements added for Corporeal beast & Glacors - Revised and cleaned up achievement tab - All teleports will now allow you teleport in up to level 30 wilderness - Steel Titans will no longer teleport you while inside the wilderness - The Elite Achievement "Burn Logs" now tracks all log types - Golden Mining outfit now give +1.25% EXP while mining - All achievement should be tracking correctly, please let me know if you find an error - Edgeville Guards added for Achievement progressing - You can now access the option "Rewards" in Slayer option - Warrior's guild should now increment points a little bit less often - Bork kills are now counting towards achievements - Glacors combat system has been reworked and now has minions aswell - Item taxing now works correctly - Going into your POH no longer should crash your client - You will no longer receive an message saying you need mining level 65 when mining the crashed star. - Tormented demons are now using the correct combat script - Fighter Torso has been added to the Credit store - Tanoth Credit Store prices have been revised - Chinchompas now have the correct animations when being used as a ranged weapon - If players failed to choose an XP rate they will get a forced dialogue every 20 seconds to choose one - Potion decanting is now fully working, and free of charge - Bonus XP well has been added, use 100m coins on it to active double xp for 1 hour (global), it does stack with double xp weekend and wisdom aura - Nex has been added - Anti-fire potions should now be working correctly - Glacors are now tracking killcount - When loading an loadout the bank interface will automatically close - Giant mole teleport has been added - Added amulet of fury to Tanoth credit store - Moved bookcase for the quest helpless lawgof, its now inside a building near party room - You can now open armor sets from clue scrolls - Corporeal beast is now working correctly. +Bugfixes @Tafanii - Run energy now depletes correctly according to your Agility level - Bone crusher now gives different xp rates for each mode - PvP Bots have been removed from the server - Dean Velio now displays the correct amount of gp - Hunter has been re-worked, Chincompas are now able to be captured - Slayer Points have been increased depending on the Task type you completed - Cyclopse now have their correct combat animations - Scimitars now have the correct attack rate (best dps in slot) - Locking combat XP will now only lock Combat XP +Donator Benefit Additions - Entering boss rooms costs 30 kc. For donators: Regular: 20Kc | Super: 15Kc | Legendary: 8Kc | Ultimate: 0Kc | (Kc=Killcount) *Suggestions are welcome for more benefits* Thanks, Tanoth Staff Team
  18. Extras 29/03/20 Bugs: Bonus XP (Rewards book) from Agility store (or vote store) doesn't work or stack with weekend bonus XP. Cant hold more essence in Abyssal titan Cant automatically use essence stored in titan, currently have to withdraw from him then craft runes again. Not all combinational staffs provide runes. i.e Mud Battlestaff doesn't provide unlimited water/earth runes. Not sure about others Double drops from Rewards book (Agil store or vote store) doesn't provide double drops. Might not be bug though, could just be for rare drops maybe? Fix clan wars red and white portal. Not really priority bug, just useful for people doing fun fights without having to worry about giving back. Can't wield magic secateurs. Can continue to gather from allotment patches even if inventory is full. Effigies are tradeable 30/03/20 When you catch something in your bird snare, trap is automatically not yours. Some implings in Puro-Puro are nulled. Not a specific impling. Red Chinchompas cannot be caught. Can catch two of the same impling by spam clicking it, get loot and xp both times. Let Kingly, Pirate and Zombie implings be caught. Impling levels do not match the guide levels. It currently seems to run on level when barehanded even if player has butterfly net. Dragon implings drop royal gear even though it should be exclusive to kingly implings. Tab 8 on the bank glitches when depositing or storing items, it switches to the main tab everytime an action is done in tab 8. Cannon hits through walls Can spam steel titan special attack even when its not targetting anything, wasting special move points. Suggestions: Let players press "1" and "2" to quickly withdraw stuff from loadouts in bank. When grabbing a loadout from bank, automatically close bank or give a toggle option to enable this. Would help for skilling faster Allow players to hold on to multiple clue scrolls of the same rarity and multiple clue scroll caskets. Add runecrafting achievements or store for pouches. Let loadouts put essence in pouches too if possible. Add Law Altar to help bridge the gap from Nature Runes to Death Runes Create teleport to Ourania Altar (ZMI) for higher level runecrafting. Maybe 77+ to allow all runes to be crafted. Change teleport location for cooking skill to be inside Catherby cooking range? Closer to bank. Could also do under Rogues Den in Burthorpe. Add chat indicator showing that current slayer task is completed, dialogue is nice but chat indicator in a certain colour might help too. Add advanced gnome and barbarian agility course. 30/03/20 Add ability to automatically break empty vials after finishing last dose of any potion. Add more skilling items such as yew, magic logs, raw fish, ores and bars, rarer seeds, planks, rune essence in crystal chest.
  19. Extras 29/03/20 Bugs Bonus XP from Agility store doesn't work or stack with weekend bonus XP.
  20. This is a list of bugs I have encountered during the launch of Tanoth. I am aware that some of these bugs may have already been reported by others to the developers of the server, I am still adding it just in case. This list also contains some suggestions that could improve the quality of life for the server :). Will add more as I encounter more bugs. Bugs Fallen star activity in Wilderness requires 65 mining to begin but you are able to mine the start without required mining level. Bonecrusher giving a lot of xp regardless of gamemode. Extreme range potions only requiring one grenwall spike when it should be five. Bird snares currently cannot be used if its left out too long. When retrieving it, it will say that you do not own the snare. Trees and fruit tree patches cannot be used at the moment. Shark fishing spots and swordfish fishing spots are mixed together currently in the fishing guild. Havent tested with other fishing areas, but currently you can catch Sharks in a designated swordfish spot and vice versa. Tormented demons have insane melee range. Their protection prayers dont work either, can just camp one attack style to kill them. Not entirely sure if bug, but summoning familiars that provide invisible boosts don't work? i.e Arctic bear (Hunter), Granite lobster (Fishing), Lava titan (mining) Fix aggressiveness of certain monsters, especially slayer creatures that are higher level than you i.e Hellhounds, Greater demons, Black Demons. Fix text when talking to boss slayer master (Dean Vellio). Asks for 500k for task reset but actually wants 1m. Fix Master Thiever I achievement. No edgeville guards are present. Make it so its any guard. Fix Golden Mining outfits to give XP boost, same with lumberjack outfit. All players currently obtain double the amount of fish and logs. Increase gathering rates for woodcutting, yew and magic logs in particular take an extremely long time to gather despite having 99 woodcutting. Decrease cut gems price in GE. Can currently profit for cutting uncut gems as uncut gems cost less than cut gems in GE. Logs go out really quickly regardless of type of log. Time before burning out should be increased for all types of logs to help with firemaking achievements and for bonfire firemaking. Fix antifire and super antifire potions and dragonfire protection in general. i.e, antifire + shield/prayer = 100% protection, super antifire = 100% protection. Decrease amount of tokens taken away in Warriors guild. Currently, 300 tokens ~ 2 cyclops kills Fix aggressiveness of certain bosses, such as Dagganoth Kings and Saradomin. Let armadyl be mageable. Currently it is only possible if you wield rune crossbow and cast magic spells. 28/03/2020 Can only enter from edgeville house portal not other locations i.e Rimmington, Yanille, Burthope etc. Sometimes nulled when entering house portal. Can't decant potions to any dosage wanted, only takes money from inventory. Glacors don't drop anything sometimes. Have to leave cave and teleport back in to fix. Also, they are too easy. Effigies can be re-investigated to ask for two new skills to get experience in. e.g If I initally get crafting and summoning, I can investigate again to get cooking and fishing. Run energy depletes too quickly regardless of Agility level. Slayer master can assign Ice Strykwyrms even if you dont have the required slayer level. (Elite task) Not all auras can be equipped and used e.g Friend in Need aura Gem stall in Keldagrim cannot be thieved at 75 thieving. Thieving stalls at edgeville also have a delay when thieving compared to the keldagrim stalls which have small delays. Statuettes from Revenants sell for more than their intended price. Cant use Pack Yak's special move (Winter Storage) at all. Suggestions Increase amount of Adamant ore in Falador mines or increase speed for ore veins to regenerate. Would help the grind to Mining Hero II as currently you have to wait a couple of minutes for two ore veins to respawn. Could also decrease amount of 250 Adamant ore required for achievement to 100 since it is a medium task. Reward for the stardust collected from Fallen star minigame in Wilderness. Could be traded in for wildy points. Allow bonecrusher to help count towards the bones achievement task. Very slow and tedious to manually bury bones at the moment to count towards the achievements. Allow farming produce such as herbs (clean or grimy), fruits be notable when clicked on the leprechaun/farmer near the patches. Would help farming become a viable money making method. Allow people to retain GWD killcount if they leave the area. Would help people re-stock after getting killcount especially if they forget something. Add ability to automatically pickup and/or open caskets for you. Could be a donator perk? Add left-click option for summoning icon (underneath run energy), this would allow familiars to use their special attack or you could withdraw from Beasts of Burdens (BoB) Add left-click to attack option for all slayer creatures. Things such black demons, hellhounds require right-click and since they aren't aggressive, it is quite annoying to right-click after each kill. Same with gargoyles. Possibly add a boss slayer teleport. Also right-click option to cancel and receive tasks to skip dialogue. Instances for bosses, mainly GWD bosses. Could cost 5m for 30 minutes as a gold sink, price could be reduced with each tier of donator. 28/03/2020 Reduce loyalty point prices for brawling gloves to 5k and make them not degrade in real-time. This would make them more affordable and worth the loyalty points since they are extremely expensive currently. Prices for brawling gloves could be reduced with each tier of donator. Let Dragon Pickaxe be obtainable from King Black Dragon or some other boss. Chaotics should break in the wilderness if you die with them. Would cost ~5m-10m coins to repair each chaotic lost. This cost to repair would be paid to the person who pked the person with a chaotic i.e 5-10m coins dropped on death. Allow ::throne area to be multi-combat. Would encourage more people to fight for throne. Could also make ANY level claim the throne and fight for it to make things more interesting. Add a kill tracker for high level slayer creatures such as Glacors or Ice Strykwyrms. Give more variety in slayer tasks. Currently, a lot of tasks are just dragons of different varieties. At higher slayer levels, tasks should be creatures like gargoyles, spiritual mages, dark beasts, abyssal demons, nechryael, desert and jungle strykwyrms provided that players have appropriate slayer levels. Could also add a block slayer task system to block annoying tasks. More spaces for donators maybe? Add 200m XP capes. Could adjust requirements based on each XP mode, i.e 1bil XP for easy, 200m for hard, 50m for elite? Add descriptions to each Aura, would be nice to know what they each do. Wilderness points from all wilderness activities such as revenants, other monsters, skilling. Can only get them from the current wilderness activity.
  22. so lazy yet so clean lets see how this plays out.
  23. this is so pretty to look at, awesome job.
  24. I support this should make the number higher.
  25. since you need kc for boss slayer task (elite slayer task) you should give the option to make the task bigger. cause i just feel like it useless to kill 30 nubs to kill 10-15 bandos and then getting a new task kill 30 nubs again and kill another 10 -15 giving us the option to make the task 10-100 would be nice.
  26. Opened up my 75 crystal chests today for the medium achievement today. Wanted to share my loot with everyone so people can decide for themselves whether crystal keys are worth farming. Got onyx on chest 74/75
  27. heres an old video back before slay kid grew up and was a mod hehe
  28. sweet !
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